Simply put, we teach lead-follow, social dance. We teach beginning, advanced beginning and alternative blues dance to the baby-boomer and millennial generations in northern Colorado (Denver, Boulder & Ft. Collins). Our group, semi-private, and private lessons are designed to be easy, social, fun, affordable, low-impact, and interpretive...not a lot of dance rules but a whole lotta fun.

The lessons are designed to get the new dancer onto the social dance floor within a very short period of time with confidence and competence, equipped with necessary skills for socials, meetups, live music and dance events . After completion of two to three series of our blues dance lessons, the newer dancer will be prepared to lead and/or follow to not only blues music, but to a wide variety of music styles.

Here's what the newer dancer will learn in beginning through alternative blues dance lessons:

  • The blues "pulse" rhythms & steps movements

  • ·Safely lead and/or follow connections

  • ·Fun lead-follow turn techniques

  • ·Adornments, embellishments, stylized dips

  • ·Developing your own interpretive dance style

  • Etiquette and floor-craft

  • Blues music and blues dance history

  • Blues music theory and interpretation

  • Adding playfulness to your dance

We teach social blues dance