What you will learn

In The Beginning:

Progressive 1 (P1)

The Confident Blues Dance instruction format is designed to help the beginning social dancer rapidly learn basic blues dance and blues-fusion dance in very simple and methodical (but not boring!) lessons. The lessons are designed to help dancers attain the confidence, competence, and enjoyment associated and required for social dance scenarios. 
The “Progressive 1,” basic level student will learn simple blues dance theory, body movements, rhythm techniques, lead-follow embrace connections, basic turns, adornments & figures, easy dips, floor-craft, etiquette, & musical adaptation. Also expect a limited amount of discussion on blues dance and blues music history.

Advanced Beginning:

Progressive 2 (P2)

The “Progressive 2" series is for advanced-beginner blues dancers who must have completed the P1 lessons or show proficiency to meet next level requirements.

The advanced beginning blues dancer will pick up where the P1 classes finished with more emphasis on learning blues rhythm, fun turns and adornments, dance interpretation, and fundamentals that will increase the dancer’s confidence in the social dance environment.

 The P2 lessons include:

  • Sharpening and fine-tuning the dancer’s body control and rhythm.

  • Adapting to music rhythm changes, syncopations, and beat.

  • Learning more fun and dynamic individual and lead-follow turn patterns.

  • Gaining more understanding of the “give-receive” or “lead-follow” presence in social dance

  • Understanding the social dance atmosphere and floor-craft insights to improve the dancer’s overall lead-follow experience.

  • Developing the dancer's own interpretive social dance style.

Advanced Beginning:

Blues Alternative-Fusion Dance

This series is for the dancer that loves to play and be creative with their dance style. With the advanced beginner blues alternative classes (P2 proficiency), the dancer will now be ready to learn and integrate various forms of social dance styles in a blend of blues alternative & fusion. This includes learning new blues footwork, lead-follow patterns, as well as an informal introduction to tango, swing, salsa & other dance technique add-ins. The dancer will learn simple alternative forms and begin to freely interpret and incorporate more variety into a unique, but contemporary, lead-follow social dance expression. Completion of this series will prepare the dancer for most any social dance scenario (including weddings and meetup socials).


“YOU are a gift to me and our blues and dancing community…”

Patty P.